Monday, December 19, 2011

Sleeping In My Car

It feels like all my Melbourne men are treating me like a leaper at the moment. Where’s the love? Re, attention? It’s not like they’re all married. And I’ve been having fun with one that’s definitely NOT married and who's gone on holidays yesterday and won’t be back until just before Christmas so there’s no way I’ll be seeing him until next year.

That’s right I’ll be having a Terry Christmas. If you can’t get it at home import the love! It’s such a drama him being here, more so now that my sister has moved back in. She’s lucky she’s got a job overseas starting in April so at least it’s not permanent. I don’t feel like I’ll ever get out of home. (“That’s up to you,” to parrot or paraphrase my psychologist. Para-parrot? It’s the gist. I try not to roll my eyes during our sessions).

Anyway back to my cheating ways. The aforementioned Man, I should say he’s a funny one. I’ve known him for some years now and he sometimes disappears. This last time that he’s been back in touch he’s actually become separated, maybe even divorced now. This hasn’t made doing it any easier though. He now lives with co-worker/friends. Three - how biblical and timely - Christians and a very “bad man.” Which means no sex at his place. Or at least that’s what he’s told me.

We have finally managed to have sex. In the car! I can’t believe it. I hate doing stuff in the car but it’s been our only option since he’s come back into my sex life. It’s been a really nice progression towards the sex. The few times he's been to my house (while still married – keep up!) we’ve just kissed and he’s rubbed my clit and gone down on me. (I suspect I gave him a blow job in return but I can’t actually remember). The fingering and kissing seemed to be enough. He enjoys my wet and informs me it’s practically a monsoon down there. He’s not the only man to say, “God you’re so (fucking) wet! I love it” And suggest it’s a bit overly wet. I have never needed lube before, (have it but used it once). Well as long as my stimulation is maintained I seem to be slippery enough. Which is useful considering how much men seem to like sticking their fingers inside me.

Yeah so anyway, it started with chatting/texting again and then he casually offered to pick me up after work. "We don’t have to do anything once we get there if you don’t want to." Well fuck of course I want to. You’re a good kisser, you claim I’m sexy and you’re driving me home, hooray!

So we go "parking" for a while and start kissing. Move to the back seat and REALLY start kissing. My top and bra come off first, as always, and I get him to lick my back. Which is my new favourite thing. We fool around for at least an hour and it feels sooo good. The spontaneity of it was fantastic and the fact I hadn't done anything sexual (with someone else) in months meant I was ripe for the picking. Too public (I felt) and not much room to have sex that night. We actually heard a couple having sex in the park attached to that car park. They came in their car after us and we thought oh shit we're not alone but they got out and went on their merry way.

Just under a fortnight later he offered to pick me up again and we ended up back in the car park. Same thing, although we went straight to the back seat that time. I was feeling even more aroused and braver so I was determined to take ALL my clothes off in the car. Managed to get him to take his shirt off. God what a hairy chest. I love that feeling against my breasts. We had a long kissing session as he held me in his arms and we just talked about some of the bondage stuff he's done before. I'm not sure I want to do that and there was a point when he said I might not be suited to it. I think because I'm too ticklish. I don't know. As I say it's not something I've really thought about. P.S. Last Friday I met up with someone (newish) who's also into bondage and he seemed to think I'd enjoy it. Well, sounded like he wouldn't mind trying it with me. I don't know.

We didn't have sex that second time. I got him to come - every time, ha! but yeah...actually I don't think we had condoms. Otherwise I would have given it a go. Third time's the charm. On the weekend at like 2 in the morning (on Sunday) we caught each other online and he asked to meet up. Sounded good to me! The car park we had been using is locked up at 1 am - we know that for a fact as we were asked to leave. Luckily we were dressed again and just chatting, still in the back seat but it could have been worse! So where to? Then he thought of a place in Ivanhoe. It think it was some sort of sport's field. Surrounded with enough trees too feel hidden. It was just a good thing they don't lock up over night. it was very good. We made the best of the space available. We did it missionary which surprised me. Seems a bit middle of the road for him. I imagined doggy to something more unusual for him. Then again there may not have been room. Considering how much I like my back licked and him grabbing on to my tits from behind it seemed the obvious position to have sex in. I got a bit daring and started biting his nipples. He liked that a lot. I'd do it again. Had it done to me on Friday. It is an interesting pain sensation. The more I kiss the more I feel like nipping and biting lips. Amy you animal!